Many of our members collect Meccano either as sets, demonstration models or simply items of interest. These members usually bring their latest acquisitions along to meetings and arrange a display when we have exhibitions. In the context of collecting, items are generally in very good condition and the displays are colourful and informative. We are always on the lookout for more so if you have a set or an item of interest, please let us know.


All of our members are interested in acquiring extra Meccano for building and if you have any you wish to dispose of, please contact us. Condition in this case is not necessarily the main criteria.


If you have anything which you think may be of interest, please use the email address on the contacts page to get in touch. A photo would be appreciated as this will enable us to better judge our interest in your item or items.

Recent displays from our members’ collections


Malcolm Hanson’s vintage no. 5 sets shown at Tockington 2014


Pete Evan’s motor car constructor set at Tockington 2014

Malcolm Hanson’s vintage no. 4 set at Skegex 2014